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The Myth of Two Day Shipping

Dec 3rd 2017

Americans have reached a tipping point this year where e-commerce is underperforming on its promised value. Yes sales are up, but more people are reporting ordering and delivery problems. As I writ … read more

Super Bowl Blackout

Nov 28th 2017

The NFL and television networks blackout games as they please. On Super Bowl Sunday you can do it too. Just refuse to watch the game. No need for pre-game and post-game programs either. If enough … read more

Bella's Blackout Suggestion: No Super Bowl Sunday

Nov 24th 2017

The first time was perhaps a protest. Everyone noticed. Subsequent times were redundant and repulsive to many Americans. The NFL has not acted. But you can. We suggest you plan an alternative to … read more

A December to Remember for the Military

Nov 21st 2017

The phrase December to Remember has been used by a Japanese car maker for years. But they don’t own it.Veterans have been honored in November on the official day. Why not keep it going?  … read more